Monday, December 15, 2014

Rouchel News Sheet Fun!!

Three times I have forgotten the News Sheets for the Rouchel community and I guess I have taken it as a mission to 'get that right'...
Twice I forgot the bundle from Scone [or couldn't find it]
and once I was at Muswellbrook but they do their own anyhow...

This time I was determined to 'get it right'...

Step One:
Emailed Wendy to see if I could get a PDF of the file by email
Wendy replied and sent me the Publisher file...
I knew that meant using one of two slow old home Windows Computers...

Next the Printer on our wireless network was not connected, tried without success until 4th time
Still not printing from anywhere... go to sleep

Put file on usb, go downstairs to hard wired computer
Print four copies on printer rarely now used,
out of black ink with no cartridges or no time to install
I have to go...

Suddenly recall turning modem on and off was added to reconnection tries last time that happened
Turn Broadband modem off and on

Email file to Gmail
Go back upstairs, open second slow computer, open file, ask to print 5 copies double sided
It works!! Double side print takes time, but works...

I leave and will still be at Rouchel with 15mins to spare, but this costs me later
I have time for fuel but not a photo of roadside decorations from the travelling east aspect!!

Tackling the big issues here....!!!

Improving relational characteristics increases satisfaction, feedback and thanks
Improving functional characteristics simply decreases dissatisfaction
i.e. people were happy to have the news sheet, I guess

Note for future,
Connect downstairs computer to wireless printer
AND have the news sheet emailed every time your heading to Rouchel

Just hand it out...

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