Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rocktober the rest...

I wish I had time over the coming weeks to keep up my daily countdown but I don't...
No doubt you can surf Youtube yourselves to find...

#16 "With or Without You" U2
#17 "In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins
#18 "I Love Rock n Roll" Joan Jett
#19 "Road to Nowhere" Talking Heads
#20 "Billy Jean" Michael Jackson
#21 "Betterman" Peal Jam
#22 "Hand in My Pocket" Alanis Morissette
#23 "Losing My Religion" REM
#24 "Private Universe" Crowded House
#25 "Holy Grail" Hunters and Collectors
#26 "Material Girl" Madonna
#27 "Treaty" Yothu Yindi
warning that indigenous people since deceased will appear in the film clip
#28 "Better" Screaming Jets
#29 "a" Regurgitator
#30 "Across the Night" Silverchair live in Newcastle
#31 "Beds are Burning" Midnight Oil

Rocktober #15 "Pleasure and Pain" Divinyls

   A standout in a busy time for pub rock and places like Newcastle Workers Club I saw Chrissy Amphlett and the Divinyls once live... great theatre, don't take it too seriously... great voice!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rocktober #14 "Heaven [Must Be There]" Eurogliders

Classic pop with Grace Knight's vocals and come great clips like this MTV Hit


Rocktober #13 Little River Band medley

   What do you do when you simply can't escape the music of this band who really were huge on radio and across the USA, who are great songwriters but to whose music you could easily fall asleep anytime... such is musical taste... I understand why people like these tunes... poor man's Eagles is a bit harsh... just not my fav.... but good at what they do!!


Rocktober #12 "Listen Like Thieves" INXS

How many times can one flatmate come home from work, ask for this to be the vinyl record on the lounge room player, retreat to their room to change and get roady to go out and leave within 15mins... as you stumble across the room and change it back... such is my memory of this song... I don't remember any other song off the record!!


Rocktober #11 "Back in Black" AC/DC Brian Johnson

   Not everyone's cup of tea and certainly capable of some classic over the top stage shows AC/DC are a great success story, because of their talent as musicians and songwriters... their different sounds and styles tap the rock scene at each stage of their long careers. They are one band I wish I had seen live at their peak... but they fitted my 'one tour too late' measure and I never got to go there...


Saturday, October 11, 2014

"God Only Knows" BBC Music

Thoughts and Stuff

   I'm about to take a social media break for a while folks, the culmination of a long and busy sporting winter on TV and in person... and the advent of warmth, sun and outdoor hours BUT also the need for rest ahead of coming events...a trip to hospital!!
   Mostly though, being involved in Rugby as a volunteer reminds me how exhausting it is and when I coached and played I rarely did much any October Long Weekend. When I played cricket, if we were in Rugby Finals as captain/Coach I usually needed that first month off just to get some mental rest!!
   I think my Rocktober list will either be short-lived or batched for you to drop by daily... I'm taking some time off, so I switch off the resource finding and sharing, ideas and 'work' button for a while...
This just seems to be the song I want to post today...

Rocktober #10 "Rock and Roll All Night" KISS

   Our neighbour across the street was a member of 'the KISS Army'... dress up parties, disco sound tracks, school band concerts featured music, costume and make up or at least a poster or action figure and let's face it we loved it, they were this mysterious phenomenon with the full R&R legend of luxury tours, girls, alcohol and parties, oh and money!! Even I attended [1] mates birthday party dressed as Peter Criss. This is another band with song after song in the charts, pyrotechnics and huge stage presence... unmasked, what a let down... geriatric reunion tours... well only the three fans would be enthralled I suspect... the less said about Gene Simmons reality TV show the better... rock legends, absolutely!! KISS rounds out my 70s Rocktober list
   I am looking to take a break from social media despite having had this crazy idea so what I am going to do is work days ahead until done and leave you the reader to return as you wish for the rest of the month!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Rocktober #09 "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" The Angels

   This is 'The Angels' flying at their best... in this clip from LaTrobe Uni... pre cultural expletive added to this song MUCH later...

   Just four days earlier on 8th September 1979 'The Angels' played to 10,000 in the epic free Newcastle Mattara Festival Rock Concert in Civic Park and you get the picture of that day from the middle of this Newcastle Herald article [the internet is an amazing thing]. Mick DeBono drove us to the concert in his impressive HR and we listened to 'No Exit' on cassette all the way there...
   It was genuinely mayhem as so many people turned up... I went to two and they blur in the memory but this day I recall...
1. A bloke drinking Bundy Rum who climbed a flag pole and whose mates threw bottles up to, until he was so drunk he fell the 10m to the grass below mid afternoon.
2. We stood near the cenotaph and at one point a dozen bikers in front of us stood in a circle urinating on the grass, we laughed until on 'go' they all turned outwards to the crowd gathered around them
3. There was a girl featured in the Herald a day later who was right up the front and stood up wearing a Bali styled singlet top and leopard skin patterned skimpy bikini... at the height of the concert she was dancing and swinging her arms above her head and of course someone behind her pulled down the bikini bottoms
4. Between 2 years of this concert 'Flowers' with Iva Davies, became 'Icehouse' and I recall the same arvo DJ sharing my view in year two after they played their stunning single, that he had been a little skeptical 12 months earlier as Iva took the stage for sone one and screamed into the mic for a full 30sec as the opening lyric. The keyboard players black leather pants were way too shiny as well.
5. I recall 'Heroes', Jeff St John in his wheel chair doing wheelies on stage singing and Doc Neeson climbing the speaker stack to the top [he didn't fall this time as we would at the ISC in 1989

   The Herald article talks of damage to the gardens... the main flower beds were rich with giant yellow sunflowers each flower 30cm across with solid stalks. I noticed that when the bikers pulled one up out of the ground it had a football sized clod of dirt attached to the roots and we watched as the first few were thrown metres into the air by the flower, righted themselves by the weight of the dirt and then plummeted to land on unsuspecting punters below... there was talk of $20,000 worth of plants destroyed that day [it was after all, Newcastle's School Holiday Spring Festival.

   We were there though, to see 'The Angels' and this introverted young methodist boy had his first experience of the rock n roll culture of the 1970s. I stood sipping my Coca Cola, laughing, shouting, enjoying the music and the derelict behaviour of Newcastle's finest 'goof' all around!! I understood rock music and stage presence that day... all wrapped up in these unique Aussie talents, one band after another...
   This was a few days before Police overreacted at the closing concert for the nearby 'Star Hotel' and shut down 'The Heroes' set with seconds remaining and caused a celebratory mob to sprawl onto the streets where a few idiots upturned and set on fire a Police vehicle to create the scenes of the folkloric 'Star Hotel' riot!! 2 months later I started work as an accountancy trainee at the Steelworks under the initial tutoring of the previous years intake, including my chaperone at the No1 Bloom Mill who was outside the Star when a mate next to him stole a Policeman's gun and handed it to him to hide... he spent the first few weeks 'showing me the ropes at work' but just waiting for a call from the Police who were publicising media footage of the riot in which he had clearly seen himself and his mate... the call never came...


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rocktober #08 "Superstar" Colleen Hewitt

Well this is certainly keeping my mind busy with the possibilities but sometime in the next week I will take a break from social media... something I planned to do post Rugby Season and then got this silly idea!! Colleen Hewitt is another great Aussie female performer from this era, who crossed pop, rock, anthems and jazz and beyond...


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Rocktober #07 "Stares and Whispers" Renee Geyer

   What a voice? and still going strong... this might be on the radio during the day or to contrast a 'block of rock' or a 'lunchbox' whole album side from Radio Birdman... Renee crosses genres, still sings at the Basement etc and must have some great stories about the rock circuit...

Monday, October 06, 2014

Rocktober #06 "Cool World" Mondo Rock

   I don't really like "Eagle Rock" as a song, I get that the band were a huge breakout and talented and reflected the values of the age, but if I need a song to connect me with Australia, that isn't it... This always kind of effected my view of Ross Wilson so I had a struggle with Mondo Rock. A couple of their tunes were those songs you kept singing or hearing yet at the same time I relate them to lots of awkward parties and social occasions with friends where 'Come Said the Boy' would be on high rotation and everyone else would seemingly 'get the girl.' It was a quietly disappointing and lonely few years where these records seemed to be on at every house you went to... In that context 'Cool World' wasn't too bad.... Ross wrote pop that anyone could do and this song for me always sounded like a song 'Dragon' would have brought a better edge to... it was a ling time ago though so what would I know...


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Rocktober #05 "Horror Movie" Skyhooks

They definitely weren't one of my favourite bands but I got that they did interesting things and were some fine musicians. Shirley Strachan had that 'something' and the look was very 70s!! Catch it on youtube for download here

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Rocktober #04 "[Saturday] Night Fever" The Bee Gees

   In an effort to recreate the experience at the time, here we are only four entries into 'Rocktober' and along come the Bee Gees who definitely did their bit to inspire the 'Death to/before Disco" t-shirt craze... a sometimes maligned genre Robert Stigwood and the Bee Gees certainly hit the jackpot with John Travolta and their "Saturday Night Fever" movie.
   Here I need to 'own up' to wearing flares and a body shirt to the 'Disco' at Largs School of Arts, mentioned here in the middle of this article... but not only did I wear the correct attire, we took out the Dance competition one Saturday night at the monthly disco!! Same night I was almost in a punch up over my partner!! That was a long time ago...


Friday, October 03, 2014

Rocktober #03 "Don't Bring Me Down" Electric Light Orchestra

   Some bands become a phenomenon in a certain era and this is true of 'ELO' and their staging, videos and sheer weight of hit songs... no wonder 'they' have returned to touring in recent years as 1960s/70s kids have time and money to reminisce... This wasn't their biggest hot but my favourite tune with echoes of Quo... You have to remember that the big screens and backdrops were pretty new then and radio played ELO on what was called 'high rotation, so you could hear songs like this every 3-4 hours some days!! They sold a lot of singles.... maybe 15-20 Top 20 singles in the US!! Jeff Lynne put out another album after their array from the 1970s and 80s, in 2001!!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Eric Simms

  Eric Simms... hands down my favourite Rabbitohs rugby league player ever.. born/growing up in childhood at the mission in Karuah, NSW. Eric moved to La Perouse in Sydney and was picked up by Souths as a 19 year old.
   He was a spectacular FULLBACK for the bunnies who represented Australia in the late 1960s and early 70s scoring 50 points in a 'world' cup tournament. He is part of the clubs long history of representing Australia's indigenous community. He was a field goal legend at a time in the game when that was a critical tactic... I think he kicked 5 field goals in a game once... this was most certainly a golden era for the club...

   I'm hopeful another Rabbitohs fullback, Greg Inglis, plays a huge role in a Bunnies win this Sunday... his knee and hip seem OK, hope he can grab a couple of Reynolds kicks and a Keary pass or two to score... I would not be disappointed if Simms was there to ring the Souths bell on the sideline... in fact a guard of honour of Souths living legends would be a great idea!! Three days to go, my non sporting friends...

Rocktober #02 "April Sun in Cuba"

   Synonymous for me with Year 11 and 12 at High School... 'Dragon' made one or more stunning appearances at Newcastle' "Mattara" Festival free public rock concert in Civic Park... I later saw them at Newcastle Workers a couple of times, including with Tommy Emmanuel on guitar [it was never gonna last] Sadly Marc Hunter passed away and while Mark Williams is great on recordings, they are very much a product of their era... drunk onstage, cranking out their hits and becoming a rock festival and touring circuit staple...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Rocktober #01: Is that a thing?

   When I was growing up the rock radio stations here in Oz started 'Rocktober' and it's perhaps most synonymous with Sydney's 2SM... later we've had Australian music month on JJJ so I'm not sure I'll get everyday but here goes...

Let's kick off Rocktober with "Glad All Over" by HUSH

Photo of the Week: The Postie

    Our dog Max is a maltese cross white ball of pride and protection, who 'wouldn't hurt a fly' unless you got between him and his food or tried to pick him up off the end of a bed at night after he's settled... Max launches at the blinds when the AVON lady, a trade or the parcel delivery man arrives on our stairs and front door... until few pats and some acknowledgement...
   He as a good memory as evidenced by the day it emerged the parcel van pulled up out front only so the regular local delivery contractor could stop and have his sandwich... Max was meanwhile going ballistic, launching himself at the blinds and window in the bedroom... the door of which we now close before answering the front door so max is 'snookered' in that room... as friends have observed, don't think the parcel van stopped there by accident, fully aware of the demonstration that would be unfolding inside while he gently munched on his 'cornmeat on white.'
   Max is in the pic below, sunning himself and keeping the backyard bird free!! But the photo of the week is from a traffic queue when I was taking him to 'Dog Overboard' and he climbed to the window and started barking and growling at the postie who was around the corner of that fence changing bags at one of their green spare bag boxes... all Max saw was the top of his helmet and the yellow workplace safety flag and he was off.... well spotted Max!!