Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pic a Day Advent #picadayadvent FILLED

   One of the most amazing things to experience is to be part of or even alongside people in grief having experienced tragedy or the loss of a loved one, even that was expected!! As difficult as it can be there are things that help people. Actions, symbolic movement and coming together with others can help celebration, memories, place holding and just to get through each day.
   It's why this spontaneous placing of flowers in Sydney's Martin Place is far from a waste of money... if that were true then perhaps every bunch ever purchased fits that description. The spontaneity speaks of healing, of the physical space FILLED with something more beautiful, more creative, more about love than hate. The bouquets have been shifted to make it possible for more contributions. By all reports it looks and smells amazing... I hope when a 'memorial' is planned, that this image might inspire artists to envisage something FILLED with the same beauty!!

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