Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Monday "Give In To My Love" Paul Kelly

Celebration, moving on, energy, talent and quintessentially Aussie...
Journey... on the road... can't stay where you are or everything and everyone else will have moved on...

Thanks Graham for the Easter Walk suggestion...

Easter Sunday "Window in the Skies" U2

   I've been listening to lots of tracks yesterday and today [including 5 hours in the car to and from Merriwa for Easter Sunday!!]. I've kept coming back to this unusual U2 track in my journey through the Easter weekend!!
   It was released as a single and as part of the '18' selection at a time of transition for U2 who seemed to be searching for a new direction and ended up investing themselves in what became the 360 tour and 'The Claw' stadium stage. When I first heard it I thought of scraps of lyrics... an in between song.
   It has overt references to strong Easter images and the OT connections with parts of the narrative. It was also part of the inspiration for my song lyrics for "Stories of Hope" and the idea of using snippets of ideas to grow the imagery of the song!!
   This version of the clip features a clever homage to the history of modern music with glimpses of U2 amongst 300 lucky punters at Richmond's Corner Hotel in Melbourne.
   Second year in a row I've not been at an Easter Camp somewhere but I still talked about 'Les Miserables' and 'Chocolat' and the JJ Abrams idea of the 'mystery box' of magic in unlocking the mystery of Easter as a reminder and call to be culture makers, contributors to community and to see this as just the beginning of action, not the achievement of some heavenly insurance!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Saturday "I Grieve"

   In between, in shock, in limbo, but still in.....

Thanks to Darren's blogging for this one at Station Six at today's Easter Walk in Scone!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Friday 2013 "Below My Feet"

Welcome to my 2013 'Walk Through Easter' kicking off Good Friday with "Below My Feet" Mumford & Sons!!

Friday, March 08, 2013

New Resources in the UCA Hunter Collection

Here are some resources for ministry and mission with youth & young adults that will soon be on the shelves of the borrowable Resource Library at the Presbytery Office!! You just contact me and we can talk out & inwards post or dropping by to pick things up!! Soon the entire list will be available!!

1. Messy Church Resources
Messy Church Books 1, 2, 3                                           
Messy Church Cooks, Crafts & Sports Fun                       
2. Lecturer/Youth Worker/Theologian Andrew Root – Luther Seminary
Short Book Series
Unpacking Scripture in Youth Ministry                                    
Unlocking Mission & Eschatology in Youth Ministry           
Taking Theology to Youth Ministry                                    
Taking the Cross to Youth Ministry                                    
The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry                                    
The Children of Divorce                                                           

3. Other Titles/Authors Y Min Theory & Discipleship
Sustainable Youth Ministry Mark DeVries                                         
Engage: Youth Workers Guide Creating a Culture of Mentoring         
Sticky Faith: Pract Ideas to Nurture Long term Faith K Powell etc    
‘Devozine’ Discipleship booklet subscr via Mediacom                           

4. Sparkehouse Media Discipleship Resources
re:form anti-workbook bundle                                                     
re:form DVD bundle x 2                                                                 
re:form Leader Guide bundle                                                     

5. Sparkehouse Animate
Animate DVD, Journal & Guide                                                          

6. ‘Big Games Book’ Rob Hanks editor
[10] copies available for sale at cost covering $20

The borrowing library will be on display at 
'reimagine' 10-4pm Saturday 23rd March @ New Lambton UC

Monday, March 04, 2013

You Can't be Everywhere "Songwrite" 2013

   It's true,,, "you can't be everywhere" but if I could I would have gone to 'Songwrite' in Canberra as a lyricist with a few ideas and fragments I'm working on for songs... I may have time to get more done before the end of April to submit them for consideration for 'Yurora' NCYC '14... or not!!
   But it was great to see, hear and read snippets about the creative mob gathered at Kippax Uniting to collaborate on material and broaden the quality, theology and investment in their craft!!
Well done!!