Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Peter seemed to genuinely grin both nights... Finale at Manly Leagues and encore at Waveaid next night at the SCG. Two brilliant concerts... sad to see them over!! Posted by Hello

Young Adult Retreat Easter 2004 Posted by Hello

Have been meaning to put this image up for a while so why not now when I'm supposed to be doing other work... You can get this picture 'on a t-shirt' from the real Kramer at kennykramer.com Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

An istock photo I'm using for "Hope Is..." at Easter Love the sense of floating on air and the 'possibilities' it suggests Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Had You Noticed...

1. The sheer number of iPods walking past you in the last few weeks... bring on the BENQ joybee 720 competitor with screen for viewing pictures and an FM tuner inbuilt.
2. That ringtones in Australia and globally are so huge now that ARIA is faced with launching a chart for their sales/downloading as a potentially clearer indicator than the CD singles chart... good grief imagine that 2 hour show on TV every Sunday morning... playing your favourite polyphonic tones with some ridiculous blue frog dancing in the background
3. Civil ceremonies came up roughly equal with 'church weddings' in the last 12 months
4. U2 were inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" in the US this week, performing a stunning set with Bruce Springsteen joining for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
5. Predictably, U2 have extended US dates, scotching pencilled in bookings for Sydney etc in December.... bring on Feb/March and hopefully 06 not 07 like previous tours!!

More soon....
Getting my photo capability back soon!!

Our Mate Dave Edwards

Things have been a bit quiet on my blog lately and the reason for that at least in the last week or so has been the simply tragic and saddening death of a great friend Dave Edwards in a car accident on Monday 7th March 2005!!
I still can't quite believe it... these things happen everyday...

Dave was working as Presbytery [Regional] Youth Worker in the Riverina area of NSW after stints in Blacktown, Jannali and Sylvania... and a wide reaching influence in Camps and events across the NSW/ACT over those years...
Dave was a colleague, friend, a mate.... who had a pervasive smile and enthusiasm...
He was brimming with ideas, resources and care..
He was non-judgemental and had great integrity in working with all kinds of people on all kinds of projects!!
BUT to me he was a helper, wise adviser, practical influence and a mate!!

Pauline, Emily and Gabrielle will feel his loss greatly and they are joined by hundreds and maybe even thousands of young people, youth workers and leaders from across the country and beyond!!

Dave's funeral was an ecclectic affair... made meaningful by:
1. Peoples reflections and sharing and the Dave those stories reminded us of... AND
2. The thought that Dave would be sitting there with us giggling cheekily at some other points

I will remember sundry phone calls, auctions, sound gear, laughter, practical jokes, lagers, glow sticks, ferral netball, the egg blow, wisdom, warmth and never taking things too seriously!!

Cheers Dave