Thursday, January 26, 2012

'The Office' continues to be a work in progress

Now there's room for two more posters, then space for advertising, photos and a mind map!!

Triple J Hottest 100 Today

I voted in triple j's Hottest 100 2011, have YOU?

Sadly I reckon I'll know maybe ten of today's songs... Must be getting old... Or is it that I can't listen to the Js with the girls in the car?

Unreliable Ideas # ?? "Billy Cart Derby"

   I have been holding off on a series of activity suggestions for youth ministry and mission until I decide whether to switch to my new blog space...
BUT I can wait no longer to suggest in 2013...
The Cessnock Lions Club "Billy Cart Derby" or your local equivalent [which might mean you organise it for your local community.
   I say 2013 because today's 'Australia Day' festivities have been cancelled due to the wet weather we are currently experiencing. Check it out here and build you cart according to the rules outlined on the entry form. Service Clubs and emergency services join groups, families and individuals...
   Don't set yourself to join in for the next ten years [these ideas are best as a short term thing as groups roll over and move on to another fun alternative and revisit later...


Australia Day 2012

   I'm not gonna write about Australian values, the mixed messages of a national day celebrating invasion, the stories of refugees or the cricket score!! Writing about it here does bugger all!! I just have an annual tradition of listening to one song from my favourite band to remind me to actually 'do something' about any and all these issues in my corner of the world!! "Happy" Australia Day!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Office a work in progress

The painting is done and now it's time for posters, ephemera etc and thinking about changing the aspect of the desk etc BUT here's my new office for my role as UCA Hunter Youth Ministry Development Worker!!
There's a new photoboard in the works and a brainstorming wall will look great against yellow... glad it's done now the real work has begun!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Yellow Wiggle Spin Cycle

   Talk about getting your message wrong at a celebratory time announcing the return of Greg Page to the Wiggles yellow skivvy!! Not only was the business decision carried out without grace, the presser interview with heavy hitting journo Richard Wilkins was an absolute shocker for Anthony Field. He behaved like a 'rabbit in the headlights' about the impact on Sam Moran as the replacement... note the stagemanaged image of the handover above...

What's happened:
- Four blokes, a creative promoter and one of the fours brother [who became Manager] launch an early childhood assignment from kids backyard birthday parties to a multi million dollar worldwide entertainment phenomenon...
- Greg Page, the yellow Wiggle, succumbs to a mystery illness and steps down 5 years ago
- Team dancer and understudy Sam Moran takes over from Greg
The original four were stakeholders and the remining three bought out Greg's share and employed Sam [reportedly for $200,000 pa]
- Greg Page joins the group at the ARIA Awards Hall of Fame moment and it's clear he has his illness under control
- In the background it's alledged that Sam had asked more than once for a greater share of profits and been rebuffed. The partnership appeared uneasy at times.
- Manager Paul Field negotiates a salaried return for Greg and doesn't renew Sam's contract for 2012 onwards.

- The moves are finalised and announced during the Wiggles January break and they demonstrate a rare lack of composure and forethought in announcing Greg's return while being dismissive of Sam's role in the Wiggles, his contribution or how this might effect his future. They acted surprised that anyone was interested in that part of the story... disingenuous!!

Classic media brouhaha ensues and you can read a more analytical account here rather than in the Daily Telegraph or coming to an evening 'current affairs program' near you!
The Wiggles closely guard thier image and product so this will have them in a total spin...

   All they needed to do was to announce Greg's return acknowledging Sam's contribution, wishing him well and looking forward to a new future with the originals back together...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge

   In my new role I spend time working next to an aged care facility with a courtyard for sun and activities. With an open window it was obvious today that staff were engaging residents in some great mind games, remembering and news. The activities had a memory aspect like 'On This Day' from the newspaper, music, and a budgie in a cage alongside other props I couldn't see.
It reminded me of the the great Mem Fox story 'Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge.'
   Wilfred spends time with some older folks and he works out that some props like flowers or an old football, music etc might help the struggling elderly to remember their stories and early lives. It's a moving and beautiful story. I thought it was a great, caring and smart activity to offer and enjoyed hearing the muted and brief engagements of those gathered.
All this as I undertook the reflective and engaging activity of painting my office!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Top Ten 'Activities' of 2011

My list anyway:
1. Rugby World Cup Finals in Auckland NZ
2. Turning 50
3. Open Air Cinema in Sydney
4. Annie Leibowitz Photos at MCA Sydney
5. Fairfax Photos at NSW Library
6. Royal Easter Show
7. Level 5 Food Atrium Centrepoint Westfield
8. Setting Up a small trampoline in the backyard for the girls
9. All the movies I saw including Captain America
10. Finishing up my role as Youth Unit Coordinator after 12 years