Friday, December 19, 2014

Pic a Day Advent #picadayadvent COMFORT

   I'm a bit late tonight with this one as I changed my mind from depicting an old UYF songbook and the explanation that 'Comfort Comfort' was a first and significant song I learnt in 1980 [and it was five years old then]... another day perhaps!!
   Instead when I think comfort I think t-shirt and this is one of hundreds I own... great summer fashion, the shirt type t as the US military first called it... now we pay companies to put their advertising on them so we can promote the products on their behalf!!
   This is my 'Blue Sky Mining' white t and the black one was stolen off my clothes line in the late 1980s... the t-shirt can be new and worn formally, a little older and relaxed or just plain shoddy and only suitable for 'around home' but they are all COMFORTable and speak of the 'everyone' nature of their style and cost...

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