Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Christmas Day" Kasey Chambers

A new contribution [to Christmas music with an Oz flavour] fro Kasey Chambers on her album "Bittersweet". She spoke of it as a kind of 'love story' and a story of wonder that she just finds inspired and interesting..

“I was brought up in a fairly religious family, but over the years I have become more spiritual than religious. I have faith in a lot of things but I still have the influence of the ‘classic’ religion in my life. Christmas Day is one of the older songs on the record and I wrote it quite a few years ago. I was sitting down and going through that story of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. It’s a classic story and I was thinking about how romantic that story is. I’m not a romantic person at all – I think I am more romantic in song than in person.”

Grab it here on iTunes from an album full of questions, spirituality and reflection...

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