Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve 2014

   I reckon I would struggle to think of more than five decent fun, meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling NYE's from my 53 years!! OK, count out the first eight or so 45... 5/45 what's that 11%... wait, take out nine more for being at events beyond my control but by my choice, including name games around a campfire in Nyngan, sweltering heat in Dubbo and 'The Quick and the Dead' in Tassie... that's better, nearly 14%...
   I'm not blaming anyone, it's just an overrated marker. I can think of countless New Years Days... Port Stephens, interstate with friends, BBQs and backyard cricket etc etc... they are great!!

1. NYE for the Millennium where we staked a spot at Mrs Mac's Chair from about 10.30am until 1am
2. A Pool Party with a few friends and a former flame
3. One 'Rover' party with absolutely brilliant conversation about life, the universe and everything
4. Sunset at Cottesloe Beach
5. Hmmmn, struggling... oh, the time we took Lucy to Stockton and she hated the noise and spent the whole fireworks face down in Simone's jumper with ears covered by hands in a desperate bid to not hear the cannon fire, then we spent an hour in a traffic jam to get back to Newie
OK 6.
Winning the lottery a couple of years ago for the closed Cahill Expressway... BYO or catered food and drinks, folding chairs, camera and every brand of sidling and queue jumping Aussie you could ever hope to see at a public event... that's 16.6%...

   There might be something I'm forgetting but my ideal night would be a couple of cold beverages, a nice dinner, laughs with the kids or conversation with friends, a bit of TV and then asleep by 11pm!! Happy New Year friends!!

Then I find this on the web!! Here


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