Friday, October 30, 2009

U2 webcast on U2tube last Monday

I break my U2 embargo [until Australian dates are announced] only to acknowledge that this event happened earlier in the week and if you already know how to capture clips from youtube it's all there on their official Youtube Channel, live from the LA Rose Bowl.
I will not be writing about the gig, songlist, the claw, NASA, Desmond Tutu, red zone or the vibe...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Bluesfest" Easter Camp 2010

We've just started to circulate an 'expression of interest' form for the idea of having a young adult focused 'Easter Camp with a difference' by participating and staying over at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival... with group building, reflections and discussion on 'what's the good news' and 'how does the Easter story make sense in this context...

Mind you, even with a buddy ticket, between Festival and camping it's close to $600 pp plus food!! They have just announced the first late of acts which includes: Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes, Jessica Mauboy, a whole list of old stagers and interesting solo artists from former big name bands... plus the travelling "Rockwiz" doing three shows over the weekend...

My aim is to let Hunter, Sydney North and Kuringgai folk stick with their regional events... and whoever else has a regular activity.... but to offer something for the rest of NSW/ACT if people are keen...

I probably need 4-6 punters keen for it to all go ahead... so when you see the details, let me know... I am seeking subsidy for all participants but that could be $100-250 each...

Check it out here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wallabies v All Blacks in Tokyo [Saturday]

What a few weeks in rugby with all the bluster about the squad, the likely team v The All Blacks etc etc. The leather elbow brigade are well known for self interest, factions and the old fashioned quote that when it comes to team selections, tactics, coaching etc "opinions are like 'backsides'* everyone's got one!"

Over recent years the Spring Tour has been trumpeted as opportunity for change, a chance for the coach to experiment etc etc... Eddie Jones was roundly criticised for not doing so and the result was that despite having to prize the Cup out of our clasped fingers with our last breathe, the Wallabies played sub par in the 2003 Cup and were soundly beaten and then again in 2007!!

Enter Robbie Deans [the messiah according to some] and when he brings on generational change [albeit patiently and having given people opportunity] we are in uproar... what happened to "I'll play anywhere just to get a game!"

Giteau, pull your head in... despite being trumpeted as the next big thing he is a natural inside centre trying to play 5/8th and should accept the obvious!! He reminds me of Ricky Ponting... a legend, a high achiever, but somehow unable to extract that from those around him... Berrick Barnes is a more natural 5/8th and Kurtley Beale could be better than either if given time to develop...

Stirling Mortlock didn't travel to Japan to explore clubs for fun... it's time... let him play for his place and if he's still number #1 for 2011 World Cup good luck to him but he's now injury prone and as such needs to be under the gun... there are others to be trialled and to be mentored by him!!
Anyhow, here endeth my rant... perhaps if we were winning you wouldn't read about the machinations, but don't ever believe that everything is smooth sailing when that happens... these blokes are always in competition for their spots and so be it... it's the nature of the game!!

Finally: message to the coach... keep it up!! But also please gives Hoiles, Beale and Ioane a good run... and let's see if Pocock is the man!! Hopefully Rocky can do an Owen 'melon' Finegan and blossom on this tour as a ball player and skipper!!
Saturday night 7pm EDST in Oz *not the original word used of course!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm probably slow off the mark but this gadget was previewed on tv last week and I could see that cost aside this is yet another potential electronic marvel!!

I'm the sort of reader who finds one book so compelling I can't put it down but then the next 5 or 6 get added to a pile of 'one I'll get back to that' books. Consequently bookshelves at my place are filled with half read but in some cases important learning or stories...

The Amazon KINDLE is basically an electronic book set up to for mass storage including your own pdf files and other information... brilliant and apparently taking the US by storm!! You download books from Amazon.

Then comes the larger DX with deals amongst newspapers [US so far I guess] attempting to replace the daily visit to the newsagent and the black inked hands of the avid reader!!

No doubt Amazon's 300,000 titles will increase and with ability to load 3,500 books it's a lot of reading. So far the screens are seen as small, buttons a little clunky, actual device a little heavy etc etc but no doubt it's the beginning of this or an alternative device being the one book you need in your bag!!

An Upcoming Event

There's probably much more to write about the fact that having entered into a 'flexible discernment process' within the Uniting Church for those already 'specified' as Youth Workers... it has just been agreed that I be ordained a 'Minister of the Word'!!

Therefore 12.12.09 is the day and YOU are invited... hope YOU can make it!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Award

Fascinating response in the US and beyond to the announcement of Barack Obama as recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize!!
In one way it shows what a poor year it's been for peace... and yet his tour of muslim countries, scale back in Iraq, efforts in the middle east and call for no nukes are somewhat remarkable. I wonder if the reaction is a lack of belief in the aspirations or just the short time and the sense it's a little premature! Perhaps the same is true of Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe who would have also been a worthy winner!
Perhaps the whole scenario relates to Nobel himself, who on realising the destructive potential of his invention 'dynamite' did not want to be remembered for it's violent uses but rather wanted a legacy rewarding science, advance, peace, thought etc...

Friday, October 09, 2009

"Sound Relief" DVD Out Today

The selected highlights [4 disc 9 hour] from the Melbourne and Sydney Sound Relief bushfire benefit concerts held earlier this year!! Money from the DVD sale goes to the Red Cross and they are an affordable $35 AU!!

It happened to coincide with the delivery and installation at my place of a new TV [pennies from Kevin] and I can say the footage and sound are great!! "Oiillls! Oiillls!"
Check it out here at Liberation Records

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"All of the Dreamers" Powderfinger

It does look like 'The Finger' had fun in home town Brisbane making the clip for their single from the upcoming album "Gold Ring' [due out Nov 13th]

BDO tix go onsale tomorrow and they're playing!! 22 January in Sydney

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tck Tck Tck Climate Change

The Oils reworked 'Beds are Burning' clip is now ready to raise awareness ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit later this year!! Check out more about the campaign here