Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Pray

Watch out for this subversive Christian propaganda at your local cinema in the UK [oh wait, that's OK, it's been banned]. Fascinating story to see how it unfolds...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Sometimes" Midnight Oil

One more for your Saturday morning!!

"The Golden Age" a theme song

Here's one track for Jacaranda season in Oz!!

"Golden Age"

All the screens are filled with heroes and losers
but the sky's still filled with stars
this junky palace might be on fire
til the winners lose desire
let it go let it go.

So tell me what you see
tell me what you hear
if it's the same as me it's the golden age.

Big brother tries to stitch and bend
but channel surfers find new friends
see freedom's silhouette increase
its time to claim that sweet release
let it go let it go.

I can see a purple patch of jacaranda
framed in eucalypt from this wooden floored verandah
heading past the watermark
heading for the hills
heading for the edge of time
heading for the thrills of the golden age.

Now tell me what you see
and tell me what you hear
if it's the same as me it's the golden age.

Now everybody's talking about the golden age.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Video Highlight from Gruen last night on Oz ABC TV

I saw this on Foxtel a few weeks back I think but it was the outstanding story on Gruen last night...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There's more unpacking and decorating to do But it's a start, the gear is in the room!!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Brilliant afternoon at Adamstown UCA yesterday for the launch of this clever and 'bang on' project of writing accessible Australian Carols for Christmas!! There are only some settings where using "Who's Gonna Make the Gravy" and "White Wine in the Sun" find a place and Paul Kelly's "It Must Be Christmas Tonight" now has some wonderful companion tunes and lyrics, especially for ALL ages...
The Launch was great and the resources include Kids Craft templates and ideas!! It was fantastic to be at an event where the early activity was designed so adults had to wait for kids to enjoy their participation first!! You can request a CD and Songbook and also download the whole resource here amongst Heather's other great music!!
Well done Alison Davies and Heather Price and collaborators!!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

All Blacks RWC 2015 Winners

Well done All Blacks!!
Too good at the contests when it mattered...
So proud of the Wallabies efforts and threat but they just couldn't maintain the ball when they got back into the game...

I see people carrying on about the Carter field goal but that was a symbol of the Wallabies not conceding the 3 points through a penalty or not bending in that set of phases to concede a try...

Dropped balls late when the Wallabies were searching for that line break were credit to the All Blacks but the missed All Black knock on then forward pass did change the shape of the game allowing the All Blacks to set the tempo and play their field position style...

Deserved winners, but a disappointed fan!!
It's taken a long time for the ABs to correct the record from the years of trying to dismiss the World Cup as 'not all that'...