Monday, December 15, 2014

Pic a Day Advent #picadayadvent LIGHT

Cabernet Cl, Eleebana for Christmas 2014 is a snack for the idea of LIGHT!!
   I enjoy a few nights cruising the well known local suburbs for a few creative Christmas Light displays with the kids... aside from the year we took Max and he trashed a light stand at the winning house, rendering the home owner 'speechless' despite profuse apologies!!
   Our Saturday Herald had a story and Eleebana was surprisingly quiet last night given the publicity for this ever growing yearly project. Father and son work together to design and redesign their new additions. Since last year they have added a computer and rub technology so that the lights are programmed to run to a musical soundtrack, down to individual bulbs in some strings!!
   As you approach you can tune your car stereo to FM 92.1 to hear the soundtrack as you look on. Last night the Dad was on the footpath opposite taking photos and video and engaging happily with a few families and their questions... Christmas in Oz!!

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