Monday, December 29, 2014

Lists 2014 Best of

Best Stuff I Recall from 2014
St George Openair Cinema January 2014
Newcastle Wanderers Rugby Union contesting all Grand Finals [only 2nd Grade missed out]
'The Making of Midnight Oil' exhibit at manly Museum [opens in Newcastle Feb 20th 2015]
The Girls Efforts and Results at School in 2015
Weekend OUT August 2014
Making connections with youth and leaders in the UCA around the Hunter
Chatting with Ellie to and from Clarinet lessons and swimming
Lap swimming at Wallsend/Mayfield/Lambton and Newcastle Uni until I was unwell in September
Doing 'some photography around Newcastle during the year
NCYC Aurora January 2014: my art/video loop/tactile story installation AND seeing a Festival style shorter event without slavish adherence to christendom program that nailed most dilemmas from the events recent history...

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