Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lists 2014 only a Few to Go

Food 2014 only a few lists to go
My fav. meals of the year...

Toasted Croissant and Latte at Escobar opp. Newcastle Beach
Subway Chicken or Steak with lettuce, red onion, beetroot on 6" multigrain
Breakfast 'Sweet Corn' + Bacon, Toast + Hash Brown plus shared Salted Caramel milkshake
Tinned pears in syrup [a nod to salicylate intolerance]
BBQ scotch fillet steak, lamb rissoles, honey soy chicken kebabs + salads
Slice Gourmet Pizza Aussie
Multigrain Sandwich Corned beef or chicken, lettuce, beetroot, cheese & mayo 
Paul's Asian Affair Steamed Dim Sims, Spring Rolls, Sate Skewers, Fried Rice, Honey Chicken
Homemade Pizza Competition... beef, bacon, corn, spring onion, cream cheese base on bought dough
The Gourmet Pies at the new Bradman/MA Noble Stand at the SCG

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