Monday, December 22, 2014

Pic a Day Advent #picadayadvent JUBILATION

   JUBILATION is a tough one... I think that's a word about 'overflowing' and for me who internalises highs and lows pretty efficiently, moments of jubilation can prove hard to access personally or reflect through images of others... this year had some some pretty ordinary moments in both the first and second half... SO I think this pic qualifies vicariously... After 43 years, including exclusion from the competition despite being an original, the South Sydney Rabbitohs broke through and won the NRL rugby league premiership!!
   Last year they fell short and showed the areas needing more work and more composure, this year they got it brilliantly right when it counted!! I especially loved how the opposition left them infield for 4 extra minutes prior to kick off, banking on them feeling the pressure and nerves from the expectation... instead palpably, the crowd's energy and hopes embraced the team and seemed to inspire them to do the right things well and to play in a way that opened up the game in the second half for a stunning win 'going away' from the Bulldogs!! JUBILATION indeed...

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