Monday, September 13, 2004

Short Break in Transmission!!!

Sorry folks, but my home computer where most of my posting and all my photos come from... has attracted some nasty spyware and a few other problems so there will be a short break in transmission for a day or so!!

I have:
News of the Multi-media Labyrinth's second outing
Rugby News where Wanderers 4ths [the team I co-coach post knee explosions] are into the Grand Final against University [a team I love playing in Grand Finals... thats another story]
AND some music news re U2, Missy Higgins, Metallica and more

So come back in a few days and I'll have caught up!!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Peter Garrett on The Panel

Don't take my word for it.... Peter is an interesting character.... showing a coherent and simple decisionmaking process for getting involved in the political mainstream! Putting lots of things in perspective amongst the Panel crowd... who are slowly descending into the same tired dialogue and self indulgent opinion sharing [if they can get a word in edgeways around 'Herr Sitch'] AND putting faith into action in unassuming and passionate ways!!

In case you missed the show and you are interested in all things Garrett... then get a copy of the latest Oz edition of Rolling Stone magazine for the Latham/Garrett double act!!

Pics to follow!!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

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You Can Take the Girl Out of Holmesville...

I know you'll all be wondering what news of Miss Universe is doing here but there are at least two reasons..... It's such a Newcastle story AND what a lesson in not taking yourself too damned seriously!!

Jennifer Hawkins was a Newcastle Knights Cheergirl and regular pageant/bikini girl/model for life entrant when she kicked on to be crowned Miss Universe through a combination of beauty and an attractive down to earth Aussie personality.... answering questions with our distinctive drawl and a laconic edge...
The local suburb of Holmesville as ever went berserk with its notoriety!!

Well, you may not have heard that Jennifer came a cropper at Westfield Miranda [southern Sydney] at a fashion parade... and handled it all with a smile!! I suspect she won't be hearing any rumours of "big headedness" anytime soon after her trip on the catwalk!!

She is afterall "our Jen"

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Worship Unplugged THE RESOURCE

On study leave for a couple of days this week I have been writing up 'Worship Unplugged' as a resource for planning worship and a list of over 101 creative ideas!! It'll be published soonish and available for a cost covering fee and probably sson fatre that as a pdf on our UCA Board of Ed Resources website!!
Stay tuned!!

Old stagers and colleagues won't find anything earth shattering in the pages [except a heap of their own ideas] BUT its designed for those trying to bring change to a traditional setting, to start something new OR to move from trying a few things to a consistent group planning approach as they attempt to shape and grow worship in context with relevance and integrity... thats the plan anyhow!!

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