Monday, September 28, 2015

Morisset Uniting Church

All my family, friends and colleagues are invited to my 'Induction' as Minister of the Word with the congregation at Morisset Uniting Church!!

7.30pm Friday 13th November
Morisset Uniting Church 10 Stockton St, Morisset

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Community, National, Global Reflection 2015

Just a reflection from an Upper Hunter perspective on community, national and global happenings to remind us of the exploration of where God might be active in the community

Thursday, September 24, 2015


   I have a theory in my 'listening and observing the community' that's so vital to my vocation. If I see different young people wearing something newly random three times in a short space of time, then it may be the latest trend. e.g. bucket hats, flat brimmed snapbacks, sling bags and so on... same goes for music, food fads etc
   One such example was me asking an astute friend [maybe about 3+ years ago] what they had noticed and the response was emphatic... lots of women had been walking around the Uni, attending lectures etc in their gym clothes [activewear]!! Spot on as the trend exploded, with Lorna Jane etc
   Today, my best researcher found this clip [thanks also news ltd]... here's a celebration of this fashion phenomenon!! Gold!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers

"Big Blue Sky" Peter Garrett Memoir

   This year's project for Peter Garrett seems to have come to fruition and nicely, not in time for Father's Day!! Well played Peter! That said I look forward to the reading and the local Book Launch 'Audience with' styled event at City hall in Newcastle in October when I'm on holidays!!

It's been a while...

   Just shows how busy I have been in recent months that I have dropped right off this blog... too much  life, too little time to reflect and document!! To get the ball rolling I'm adding my 250 precise for a Presentation in November!!

“Forming Disciples in Mission” Colloquium 18th November 2015 Rob Hanks
   If discipleship is framed by engagement with Scripture and commitment to authentic relationships with God, others and self, how can people be helped to explore that and make connections with daily life in their context or their current cultural ‘address’? In encouraging communities of faith to embrace a shift from propositional to narrative faith, what kinds of ‘missional’ events or activities and experiences would it be wise to offer? What are our proudest stories of doing something differently? What one change could we create that would make a huge difference?

This paper shares the story of and unpacks the practices of:
- Storytelling about ‘a different story’
- ‘Eternity’ and the Australian National Museum in Canberra
- Contemporary Biographical ‘Stations’ of everyday people and their story
- Comparable contemporised ‘Stations’ mirroring that through the stories of Biblical Characters
- ‘’Meaningful Soles’ or story sharing installations using people’s shoes and telling their story
- ‘Mission Exposure’ in a national youth event, an Adventure Camp and Young Adult Leader formation

   These flesh out aspects of “Youth Ministry 3.0”[i] and “OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook”[ii] and it’s ‘haunting questions’ for youth ministry and the forming of disciples in mission. The ethos and actions are equally applicable to people of all ages. It’s also aimed at encouraging shared ideas, reflection and discussion as others seek to undertake similar journeys of forming disciples in mission.

[i] “Youth Ministry 3.0 A Manifesto of Where We’ve Been, Where We Are and Where We Need to Go” Mark Oestriecher
[ii] “OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook” Kenda Creasy Dean