Saturday, October 24, 2015

"In Conversation with Peter Garrett"

Thursday night's 'Newcastle Writers Festival' event at City Hall...

"Hello" Adele

From her new upcoming album due approx both November... great Welsh depth and tone, emotions and evocative images... I think she said it was her 'make up' album this time...

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Here are the first 'spoils' from a generous leaving gift from the Upper Hunter UCAs!!
More to follow and a couple of other resources too...

Poetic as I know many wondered 'why' these stories... simple really though, they are thematically related, draw in little who won't get the central story anyhow, are not for every week and take seriously that they are stories, not just kids stories!! That's where I come from anyhow!!

Take these examples:
Rules of Summer'how things are and work' and whether the rules hold or what happens if you live them upside down
'Noah Dreary' about being happy, relationships, hopes and stuff that happens in life, like many characters we read
'Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley'about friendship, authenticity and difference
'To This Day' Shane Koyczan translating his performance poem into a book for older youth about bullying
...'Zacchaeus' anyone?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Big Blue Sky" Peter Garrett

Catch Peter Garrett's 'Lateline' interview here
Looking forward to reading the whole book...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Going Off Early with Movies 2015

I know it's been a long year for me so far... very busy... so busy my movie viewing took a huge dive, especially at the cinema!! Here's the films I enjoyed this year from a list of about 15+ only, which is about half my average at best... I think it also speaks to the paucity of good films... I have yet to see Pixels, Oddball, Pan or the Martian so I will up mu figures in the next three weeks. I did finally see al of 'Charlie's Country' which is an important story and so simply and well told...

In no particular order'Selma' tough going but important to know the story
'Kingsman: The Secret Service' weirdly entertaining
'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' I put this off for ages and wasn't disappointed
'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' well I won't stop seeing them but they have to get some edge
'Spy' good for a laugh
'Mad Max: Fury Road' not for everyone and clunky in parts but I watched it twice
'Pitch Perfect 2' redeemed only by the final performance
'Inside Out' it was great and is a good film for any kids
'While We’re Young' It could have been such  good film and I see what they tried but didn't quite do
'Boy Choir'  still trying to work out why I liked it but it made me angry at the same time
'Terminator Genysis' mixture of the good and the bad
'Ant Man' why did this film get made again?
'Mission Impossible Rogue Nation' As good and as schlocky as ever

'The Man From Uncle' loved it though it did spend a whole film setting up 2-3 more films
I can now add 'The Martian' which I felt I shouldn't like but really did

There might be something really good that I missed but I suspect the top two in my list will end up being seen in coming weeks/months 'Hunger Games: Mockingly Pt2' and 'Star Wars VII: Force Awakens'

Friday, October 09, 2015

"Meet the Mob" UP LATE

   I am sooo excited to be heading along to "Meet the Mob" Uplate next Thursday 16th October thanks to ABC Newcastle 1233 Radio and Jill Emberson who has been doing these brilliant interviews with local indigenous people sharing their amazing stories. This will be a chance to meet some of the featured 'mob', hear some music and just enjoy the night!! Will have to work out who might enjoy coming along for the ride...

Saturday, October 03, 2015

So Much Entertainment So Little Time!!

"Matilda" onstage by the brilliant Tim Minchin
Peter Garrett 'in conversation' launching his memoir
Taylor Swift at Homebush [great lyricist in her non boyfriend songs as shown by Ryan Adams]

Not a 'bad' list I guess... BUT...

What do you do if your 'partner in crime' isn't keen to head to Sydney to catch Stephen Fry OR could think of nothing worse that the vineyards on a hot humid day when Paul Kelly and his Merri Soul Sessions are in town, so you don't have a ticket and therefore so far haven't made the time for either?

Just some of the outstanding offerings that won't make the schedule I fear...