Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Pick a Day Advent #pickadayadvent READY

  'Recognise' is an official campaign to grow awareness and readiness for a referendum to 'recognise' indigenous people, presence, story, connections and spirit in this land before European settlement. The Referendum will happen 'sometime' though it keeps being put off. The reason for that is our reticence to vote 'yes' in numerous referenda unless there is bipartisan support politically and groundswell of understanding and affirmation of the idea for change!!
   We need a broad based public awareness of the issue, the need, the benefit and the justice of such a move... albeit the indigenous community are not totally united around a 'yes' vote... in the sense that many see this as short of what's needed so why bother... let's just move on to 'treaty' and compensation, self determination and specifically now an end to the 'Intervention' in the north... to the extent that while the measures are understood as important, the communities want a say in sanction, withholding of money etc...
   It's just high time we took the step of 'recognising' indigenous culture, society and presence... on the path to continued healing and reconciliation!! Are we, will we be, when will we be READY!!

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