Friday, December 05, 2014

Openair Cinema in Sydney

Woo hoo!!, the tradition continues, we are heading to the Opener Cinema in Sydney this coming January!! Sadly, I caved and gave in to 'the man' by opening an account with the sponsor... you'll know I've fully folded when I sit in the deck chairs instead of my usual end of row backing onto the crossover walkway!! 
   We've gone to this every year since it started... maybe the kids will come along in a year or two!! I love how it's first come/first to claim your seat, the food looks better again this year but tables cause a foot race and the view is pretty good!! 
   Love watching people rock up at 8.20pm complaining they can no longer find two seats together and wondering why... it's a people watchers treat!!

Rule #1 Sebel chairs so put a line thru films in the guide over 2hrs, choose 3 options 
Scramble for tix online, seemingly more popular every year
Make a day of it...
Rule #2 Park opp. Boy Charlton Pool facing the way out, use parking app 
Rule #3 line up early in the correct line, scowl at sidlers 
Rule #4 one grabs seats, one heads for table...

Then relax and enjoy the vista!! 
 Even watching in a rain poncho [twice only in over 20 years] is fun!!

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