Sunday, August 26, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is the complete opposite of the dominant idea of fame today!! Human endeavour? US Politics? either way amazing!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Some great Youtube Clips

I've found some new songs and a couple of impressive time lapse videos BUT I'm using them in the next 2 weeks and then I'll post here...

Beyonce at the UN

It's amazing what lots of money can do!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Battle within: Castrol Edge Rugby Championship

   The new rugby comp in the southern hemisphere that includes new team Argentina pales compared to the interest and the pages of newsprint generated by the Bledisloe Cup clashes within it that start on Saturday night at ANZ Stadium in Sydney (shouldn't they all be held in Brisbane?)
   It should be a great challenge... Next phase of the Wallabies 'development' and a the post Rugby World Cup retirements All Blacks!!
Please stop writing about:
-the work the forwards are doing
-the new immovable scrum
-Wallaby favoritism
-All Black nerves
-skills sessions about kick and catch etc etc

   I'm sick of it.... Let's see it in the game, shut up and deliver!!!
Media, please stop writing about it and team.... Time to play!!!
Kurtley Beale please stop kicking non tactical ball away
Scrum, stop going backwards...

Otherwise we'll see one close loss, one gutsy win and one thrashing at least...

Looking fwd to Pocock v McCaw, these miracle scrums, Barnes at 5/8th with a full strength line up....rain and storms go away....... Please be sunny all day!!
 Anything less and it'll be just another night out for the ABs.... 
If we can control ball and get on the front foot of course we can win... We just need to do it not talk about it as though we have done anything other than train together!

Very glad Brad Thorn et al won't be out there and I have a funny feeling that SBW with a settled future will be a huge danger in our 22m zone...

Sunday, August 05, 2012

"Blue Like Jazz" The Movie

   I've just ordered my DVD copy of the film based on Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz" [a region 1 from the US] and have the pdf discussion guide...
   It's likely there will be a viewing at 'ministry Unfiltered' at the CFM in a couple of weeks BUT I'm also planning one or more Newcastle/Hunter viewings... just need to check the dates with a few people to avoid clashes where possible... I ordered here through Atomic Movies!!