Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Best of Both Worlds" Midnight Oil

So tonight before I go off to sleep I am feeling a bit flat so if your looking for a good song idea to use somewhere..... tough luck!! this one's for me...
"Best of Both Worlds" is I believe the last song I will ever hear the Oils play live!! This was at Waveaid to raise money for Tsunami Relief and befitting their status and live reputation the Oils closed the show in the smoke of a red flare and the chance for P.Garrett to call the band down for a bow front of stage that was denied them by originally winding things up nearly 2 years earlier at Tweed Heads Leagues club. BUT more fitting was the choice of song.... the Oils going flat out [albeit a bit puffed and out of nick] reminding us all what a lucky country we live in and that while times might be tough here we really do have it pretty good!!

"Best of Both Worlds"
You say times are tough
We've got the best of both worlds here
Things are rough
We've got the best of both worlds here
Times are tough
We've got the best of both worlds here

The real world is not as calm as it appears to be from here
The real world is not as calm as it appears to be from here

The old world is not as safe with the new world closing in
The great south land can be as great as the one it could have been
The one it could have been

The real world is not as calm as it appears to be from here
The small world is not as strong and the testing ground is near
The old world is not as safe as the one we could have seen
The great south land can be as great as the one it could have been
The one it could have been

We've got the best of both worlds

Because of their wide range of songs the Oils could play with this energy from song one at any gig. Music is taste driven and so this may not be on your list BUT in unbiased fashion I can say I have never seen a concert crowd going off from the first note as much as at Oils gigs. The sense of anticipation was always palpable and the support band had long since rudely been dispatched with the chant of "Oooiiillllssss!" ringing in their ears!

Peter felt so bad for "Tall Tales and True" who tried gamely one night at the Enmore... even pleading that they had grown up Oils fans too and could people please just give them a few songs... their set was cut short and on went the show!!

A band called "Horsehead" tried hard at "Selina's' at the Coogee Bay Hotel, they were pretty heavy rock and drowned out the chant BUT one bloke was obviously yelling so loud the veins on the side of neck were bulging and the lead singer threatened to throw a VB can at him and to 'take it out to the carpark' after the set!!

Anyhow apparently we've got the best of both worlds here!!

Unreliable Idea # 31 Oversized Skateboards

Most evangelically successful youth ministry programs have a hook, contact or entry point with young people from their local community. That can anything from a charismatic leader, a band, a clever idea, obvious location or a novel activity with a following!!

Over the weekend the papers made reference to the skate culture being capitalised on by enthusiasts at St Pauls Anglican Seaforth. They are using the standard and 'oversized' skateboards to attract young people to activities where relationships and connections can be established!! The hall is full of jumps, ramps etc!!

On Saturday at the loca Bar Beach Carpark I saw what I reckoned was the same thing... either city church or YWAM female leaders on metre long boards with 10-15cm diameter wheels doing large donuts in the massive asphalt space!! Then up rock what might have been 6 toekn attenders from a High School SRE Seminar through the week!!

Don't get me wrong I thought it was a good idea...
There are lots of things you could do... the trick is you need to be genuinely 'into' the activity!!
LAN Gaming
Board Games
Theatre Sports......

In various models of youth ministry these are 'opening up events' to attract new participants' and perhaps lead into new explorations of faith thru camping, introductory groups etc...

Next question is, what does skate-worship look like...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Sometimes" Alex Lloyd on Dancing with the Stars

Sorry about Daryl Sommers!!

Reflection 30 min Worship Resource

I put together a number of things I have been using recently and a focus on 'Stories' to offer as a reflection for our recent Staff Gathering at work!!

Here's the main bits!!
The references to the context are all changeable and feel free to use this elsewhere!!
[Dean I'll whip it into another shape and send it along]

With an audio-visual of a candle in the powerpoint slide
We listened to...

The traffic is jamming for miles up ahead
Releasing emotions deep in my head

I wish it was easy easy to breathe
The words that we needed to get some relief
I still hear you crying, then I see you smiling
Even when I close my eyes

Sending a rescue coming to find you
Do you think that we could save another day
Try not to break down walking the old ground
I don't want to throw the life we had away

Blocked up and cluttered tired we stand
Alone together was just not the plan
Something undenying in the underlining
Even if I close my eyes

Sending a rescue coming to find you
Do you think that we could save another day
Try not to break down walking the old ground
I don't want to throw the life we had away
Alex Lloyd EMI 2005

Which is the song Alex Lloyd sang on 'Dancing with the Stars' in Oz as 2 of the professionals performed a stunning routine. Catch it here http://www.ifilm.com/profile/mr_pickle/video/2725977?sublisting=videos&page=1

CALL read aloud
Minute by minute day by day
We are called to be people of the story
To share and serve in the bringing about
Of a world according to the values of God

Close enough we can touch it
Far enough away we need to join God’s activity in the world
Personal enough it can be our own story along the way
Each one of us has a story worth hearing
Each one of us can do that for others

You are invited into a time of reflection as we begin our meeting today
Through writing, music, story and questions
Let’s give God our time and start in the right way

The next clip was introduced with a simple reference to a focus on stories and how this song was sung acoustically by Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon on ABC TV on 'Enough Rope' after the amazing interview about his addiction to crystal meth [ice]... captured the footage from youtube of course.... see previous post...

This is a new year lullaby I cannot fake it
You know the reasons don’t ask why
When I got drunk and crashed the car were you still near me
Still I’ve got writing on my face

Minute by minute day by day
Though I can’t touch you you’re so far away X 2
Minute by minute Day by day [two packs a day]

This is an Easter crucified buried in levels
Though I’m still bleeding I won’t die
I can see violence in your eyes
I’ve run out of water
Satan is singing me lullabies

Minute by minute day by day
Though I can’t touch you you’re so far away X 2
Minute by minute day by day X 2 [two packs a day]

I know its time to say goodbye
But I’m still wasting
This is no time for me to ……
Now that its over said and done
Our house is empty
Where do I go now you have gone

Minute by minute day by day
Though I can’t touch you you’re so far away
Minute by minute day by day X 2 [two packs a day]
Grinspoon UMI 2007

I shared about my recent exploration of stories and my belief that everyone has a story and its worth hearing and forms part of my approach to mission and ministry fundamentally



LUKE 19: 1-10


We watched the film trailer [also all over the net] and talked briefly about this story while I noted that with more time I'd ask the group top explore the three main stories together: Phil J, Zacchaeus, and Chris G

What’s a story that defines you,
or says something about who you are?

What’s a story,
that you want to be
[or ought to be] part of?

This is a song I wrote the lyrics for which Phil and Jill kindly put a tune to and bashed out on mp3 for me to use and teach

Stories of faith calling us to explore
What matters now is who we might be
It has to be believed to be seen
God’s story of love who could ask for more

Stories of faith [calling us onwards] Stories of love [our example to follow]
Stories of hope [showing there is a way]

We can all see what love has done
Jesus stands in solidarity
Actions louder than words making history
The values of God won’t be undone


Dreams come and go around what might be
Hope against hope inspiring all things
We travel along despite our struggles
God’s call comes alive in you and in me

Story of faith [calling us onwards] Story of love [our example to follow]
Story of hope [showing there is a way]

R. Hanks P.Newton J.Newton 2007



Give me a blank piece of paper God
And on it I will write all the wrong choices
All the twists and turns
All the anger
And the destructive stuff that won't change a thing

Take it from my hand and turn me around
Around to where energy lay
In others, in laughter, in honesty and in the next step I take

Send all of us to places of reflection
But don't leave it there
Wet towels on the locker room floor of intent
twisted tape scrunched like a disappointing scoreline in the game

Send us out to share our humanity, ourselves
To be the marker point for checking direction
Help us tell a different story next time 'round
So we move ourselves and others from quietly screamed desperation*
to a different place.......
Rob Hanks 2007

The End

"Love Me Like the World is Ending"

Ben Lee does it again with a catchy feelgood tune that has something to offer... a really postive and genuine vibe!! I haven't yet got the great official film clip with 100 or so water bombers BUT this is the Live on Rove NY version!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nirvana Nevermind

Nirvana baby finds exposure a bit odd August 16, 2007 Chicago Tribune

Spencer Elden, the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana's breakthrough 1991 album, "Nevermind," says it's a bit creepy knowing millions have seen your stuff.
"I feel like I'm the world's biggest porn star," Elden, who is now 17, told MTV.com.

The California boy said he is a true Nirvana fan but has never met any of the band members. He's had a platinum record for "Nevermind" hanging in his bedroom since his first birthday. His parents were paid $200 for allowing him to be photographed in a pool.

Being on the album's cover has led to some strange encounters. He said he was once invited to swim in a rather wealthy woman's pool simply because he was the Nirvana baby.

Of course the album cover was also celebrated by Rolling Stone with one of three special edition covers!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Unreliable Idea # 30 Spicks and Specks

MMS from Darren reminded me that I saw this in a 'wishbook' last Friday having once flagged with colleagues that we should design our own version of the quiz show 'Spicks and Specks'...

Of course you may be thinking... well you're either a 'RockWiz' or a 'Spicks and Specks' fan!!

The quiz gives you access to some buzzers and potential for singing and charades alongside the traditional questions and tricks!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

McDonalds DOUBLE Pounder

Despite evidence to the contrary I had no idea you could order special burgers 'off menu' at Mickey Dee's or Hungry Jacks... the McDonalds Double Pounder has enough fat to equal 45 tim tams, an armload of pizzas and is a virtual heart attack in a box!!

Apparently Sydney schoolies issue the challenge to their mates and can order this burger for $18

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to Post # 700 Darwin Awards

I have been doing some work recently out of my passion for and interest in attention grabbing stories! Some the first I recall were Darwin Award* stories and the first ever was this one depicted by David Arquette!! The rocket powered desert machine!!

*Darwin Awards is a prize awarded to the individual or individuals in any given year who went to great lengths to remove their own idiotic influence from the gene pool [some honourable mentions go to survivors and the Darwins team do their best to weed out urban myths!!

There are a heap of websites to read about them!! Youtube features a number of scenarios!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Look

OK here it is... the new look Pumphouse after some panic and assistance from Darren so I now know how to add some of the stuff I panicked about!!

I hope you like it... its getting there for me so you'll have to put up with it at least!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

"Minute by Minute"

It's the crisp new lullaby
openness, honesty, vulnerability
Don't ask why?
Know that we are who we are and we do what we do
God is not to blame
and we must be there for each other

Minute by minute day by day
God is near to us yet we can barely touch that love
It's illusive yet reassuring
like something of value it isn't easily grasped
yet is freely available

In our Easter Friday experiences
We run dry, we hit walls, we fail
We get up, we stand, we walk
Where to from here?
Anywhere just don't fake it!

Minute by minute day by day
God is near to us we overflow with exuberance
We cry, we laugh, we dance
the power is in the knowing
and the knowing is ours to do

Minute by minute day by day
God finds a way
power and passion you and I
time is wasting
ours is the love to be shared out
So get to the task without any bounds

OK poor attempt awaiting improvement... lets call it a first draft... but here is an opening liturgy or prayer I would potentially use or record someone else reading in worship utilising the 'Enough Rope' clip of the Grinspoon song "Minute By Minute"

Friday, August 03, 2007

More Great Album Covers

OK I couldn't resist... I have uploaded them to flickr and they are accessible/viewable from the rectangle collection to the right in the Pumphouse margin!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Album Covers from Heaven

Every so often a colleague [in this case Rev Dr Palmer] sends you a great email they've received from somewhere in the ether!! I can't possibly include every album cover in this post... its just too much inspired creativity in one post BUT be afraid... be very afraid....

Don't you just love these old LP covers [one or two of which I've seen on Spicksn Specks as a 'Guess the title' item!!

Sta tuned for next time when I will include "The Braillettes" blind singing group...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Snaps # 5 Pancakes at Parramatta

Another walk down story loaded memory lane!!
This scan is of the menu from "Pancakes at Parramatta" which we went to lots in the 1980s in Church St all the way from Newcastle!! At one time you could buy a copy of the menu for a few dollars and then when times weren't so profitable and the allure waned they were a bit more circumspect.... so this one pictured made it out under a girls jumper of course!!

"Pancakes' was open 24 hours on weekends and genuinely included out of work 'Home & Away' actors and sports stars....

How it worked is that we'd be sitting around on a quiet night after a video or a party and someone would ask 'Supper?' which always meant piling into the car and heading down the Highway [only part of the F3 existed back then...] to Parramatta and back in one night... where the food was brilliant!! My favourite was the pancake stack with a beef pattie and a hash brown like potato pancake... fat city... but great flavours!!

There were a number of memorable nights where hopefuls times were completely ruined by misinterpreting the attentions of a young lady who genuinely wanted to be your 'friend' and became horrified that you took her attention any other way!! Will those other lads never learn I often thought!!!!!!!

On one memorable night a few years in, we had actually been to a late movie first and it was way after 10pm when someone said "supper?" We had to travel around and collect several girls jumpers before heading off.... It was the LA Olympics and we saw many Finals and memorable races on the screens at 'Pancakes'...

Driving home included a sidetrack to East Maitland where it was so late we turned off the motor and glided down Jelly's street... then down the road and started the car around the block to head back home!! A total waste of time when Jelly realised she had no key and climbed into the kitchen window stepping into a sink FULL of plates and cutlery.... making a little noise as you'd imagine!!

On the way back thru Mayfield under the orange highway lighting you notice that cars are all grey and grey cars are nearly invisible. By now its 5.30am and as I drift off to sleep at the wheel Woz calls out "ummm!! CAR!!" as I swerve into the centre lane and miss running up the back of a stationary Falcon car by about 15cms....

On arrival at our Islington Unit I recall falling asleep on a loungeroom beanbag watching athletics on TV at about 6am!!

Those were the days!!