Monday, December 08, 2014

NFL 2014/15

   Ok so with some time on leave I've watched plenty of NFL in recent weeks, the most for a few years... it's 'rugby chess' which makes sense as the game that inspired what's also known as gridiron or American Football. Their draft shows how that equalisation does grow teams and different ones rotate around for 'their turn' if they keep a good defence and a good coach as they grow their ability to score points.
   For many years my team has been 'The Raiders' but I am less invested in them since they moved back to Oakland... the move has certainly not helped their play... I've always also had an eye on the Washington 'Redskins' [and I'm in the 'change your name' camp]... I enjoy watching Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England BUT in a year of poor results I have decided my team is now the NEW YORK GIANTS whether Eli Manning survives or not!! As it happens they won today!! I do love that city!!
   I go back to ABC/SBS Tuesday Nights, Don Lane... indeed I won tix to the first Convention Centre Bowl party he hosted in Sydney... go Redskins!! In recent years I've been lucky enough to take my prep work to Wests or the local pub to watch many a Superbowl... I have Foxtel at home but I have to get my own food and drinks there!!
   It's a year with a few contenders and they are all very even BUT Seattle look good, as do the Patriots, Green Bay and until the play offs so do Denver!! People say it's Dallas Cowboys year... we'll see!! It's all about January football!! Oh and Jarryd Hayne? I'm not seeing it... but good luck to him!!

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