Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cadel Who?

With apologies to my friends who will soon be winging their way to France to follow the latter stages of the Tour de France cycling, what the heck is the deal with Alberto Contador still being able to race? The answer is, the sport is rife with drugs, blood transfusions, and growth hormones as yet undetected by testing BUT at least with Contador there was a positive test for glenbuterol! The Spanish cycling 'authorities' were OK with the contaminated meat defense, but not The International body or WADA... fair enough, so off we go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport who won't be making a call until August... After the Tour... right... Anyhow, Alberto seems to be embracing his new vegetarian lifestyle... Hope they're not GM lettuces in the caesar salad!!
Cycling is a fun activity and a tough sport but it's up there with Olympic sprint races for suspicion of people gaining a competitive advantage through science... Bring back the clean days of Lance Armstrong I say!!!

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