Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winter Camp Final Day Wrap!!

Back from our Sydney trip we enjoyed the snow party, pizzas and party food, Dance Party and bonfire!! We also spoke about what was happening in the Uniting Church so we were celebrating THE LAST Youth Unit organised Camp [but also talking about possible futures for the event and the opportunity for people to envision and plan something unique with new resourcing]!!
Friday morning was all about clean up and pack up, with a final session reminding campersit would be a shame to only 'Act Up' at camp...

We began with communal singing, then

"This Too Shall Pass" OK Go clip
An introduction about being all we can be and 'stepping up' and learning about ourselves and who God calls us to be through the Harry Potter clip when Hagrid arrives with a birthday cake... "You're a wizard, Harry!"

WE collected 'next step footprints' and 'prayer cards' from the sticky wall and prayed for all of us as a community...
We were reminded of Jesus call to follow and the different responses people made, that 'tools' like prayer, a mentor, reading and telling people and re-membering you're experiences...
Like Harry Potter with Dumbledore, "it's not our abilities who make us who we are, it's our choices"

Campers were invited to reflect [to the sounds of "Ocean" JBT] and then into a circle to share their perspectives and experiences and that's always a great time to hear back what you've hoped people might have experienced, learnt or how they've captured even more...

We sent people out with a slightly ungainly group hug complete with 'grind'... thanks Bradon!!

More sweeping, mops and cleaning and we celebrated with a cold drink and several hours driving!!

I took one more photo of 'Dave's Auditorium' and wished he'd been there in more than spirit!! I think we've honoured Dave's hopes for the site [now having been on sold to Caolan] and we've engaged well with the goal of introducing some young people to authentic discipleship and the world lived according to the values of God in this time and place!! Though we haven't always got it right, we have mentored and valued leaders and tried to bridge all the challenges of that across a state!!

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