Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Picadilly a hub of Activity

The offices of the Uniting Church in Australia NSW/ACT are usually a busy place and even moreso with the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption in the buildings fronting Castlereagh St and the open plan Georges Cafe on the ground floor. Recent mentions include Daily Grind on Level One supplying a large quantity of muffins to ICAC for the tea break in the inquiry into planning irregularities under the watch of former Planning Minister Tony Kelly and 'former' ALP numbers man Graham Richardson snacking at Georges with Defense Minister Stephen Smith (amidst talk of PM Gillards low poll numbers) But the truth is Richo is often there and our car park features regularly on the nightly news as the accused flee the building... As a player of spot to... Score a point for each celebrity you spot and SMS your mates to tell them... It's a rich thoroughfare... Recent sightings include: former Wallaby rugby player Simon Poidevin; Senator Mark Abib; SBS news reader Lee Lin Chin; and several high profile Solicitors.
Daily Grind do a fine range of muffins and a friendly coffee service so I hope they enjoy the 15mins of fame...

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