Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter Camp Day Four was a Big Day

With the Open Mic and Trivia Quiz Night behind us we spent a long day getting to and fro Sydney by bus to engage in some first hand mission and justice action. Groups visited: Wayside Chapel for a Tour and to help out and meet participants; Paddington Uniting Church Soup Kitchen to meet recipients; World Vision to participate in their 'story' spaces with various young peoples lives ipod guided; and finally a guided urban walk compared to Westfield Centrepoint and finishing with the '52 Suburbs' photos at Museum of Sydney. We made it back by 6pm-ish for a 7pm party dinner to mark the 'last' Youth Unit Camp and to talk about the new future for such events!! It was snow themed party dinner and dance party or bonfire chat!! Campers were and had been great, the day worked brilliantly and gave experience of what it might take to 'Act Up' and how they have it pretty good and there's a world out there which needs them!!

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