Friday, July 08, 2011

Busy Morning on ABC Radio

There were a number of great stories/topics on radio yesterday morning and one in particular that peaked my interest. I only caught the second half of a chat with Senator Bill Heffernan whose previous media exposure has given him an image as a slightly crazy conservative. He spoke about 'the food bowl challenge' we face in this country and globally, indigenous challenges around land use and particularly the issue of Chinese purchases of Australian farm land.
Our politics are very different but I appreciated his reflections on how 'sovereignty' used to be about land but is now about consumption. It's part of a bigger shift to being a society of consumers. It's hard for me to do the topics justice here but the bigger picture is the problem of the world's population being divided into nations to begin with BUT that's our reality and in that economic system it probably is a mistake to sell the means of production and not just the products. He commented about enquiries with delegations where he's asked the Chinese when they will make their currency fully subject to world markets and when Aussies can buy Chinese land? not a racist comment but an economic one.... Interesting from my background in Economics and I'm still thinking about it.... About concepts of land, wealth, jubilee and the wrestle between nations and faiths throughout history.
I began to think about how you'd approach these theological and biblical questions and speak about the issues... Still thinking...

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