Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cadel who? Part 2

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While I've had the week from 'that other place' with horrendous gall stone pain and an op to remove my gall bladder with a few fun moments in recovery, I have maintained my Tour de France viewing until not being up late last night!! but WOO HOO CADEL EVANS!!!
While Alberto Contador lies awake at night dreaming of reversing his vegetarian diet and Andy Schleck wonders why 'yellow' didn't deliver him the needed 'wings' Cadel Evans only needs to stay upright and uninjured on the 'final stage' into the 'Champs' tonight to claim victory in the Grand Tour!! my Aussie mates who are on a cycling have certainly pulled the right rein in taking their trip this year... Well done Hancapie... One more ride to enjoy!!

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