Monday, July 25, 2011

Cadel and the Today Show

This morning on Aussie TV on the 9 TODAY Show they have been showing snippets of the footage from Paris where overnight Cadel Evans from Barwon Heads in Victoria (of 'Seachange' and tourist fame.... great bridge) won the Tour de France cycling event!!
Cut then to 'behind the news commentator' Mia Freedman who is underwhelmed by the standing ovation for Tina Arena's national anthem rendition on the Champs Eleysee.... Her point... being concerned that we laud such personal sporting achievements ahead of and at the expense of volunteers, doctors, firefighters and those 'changing the world' in other ways. I don't disagree with that observation but find it fascinating that a fashion magazine editor doesn't see the negativity of her own timing and opinion. She doesn't 'get' sport so she engages in the other great Aussie obsession of pulling one thing down to raise others, not the reverse....

Here's my TODAY Show email...
This'd be my second email ever to TODAY since the invention of the idea!!

Mia couldn't be more wrong!!!
It 's true that we don't always celebrate science and service in the same way as our elite sports people's achievements BUT she 's doing the other great Aussie thing of pulling one thing down to the level of others rather than elevating her point. Now is not the time to project your own lack of understanding of sport onto such a great achievement.

To call it 'being paid well' is petty... This from a fashion magazine editor who uses a 'shoe analogy' about things we do and don't relate to 'takes the prize'.

Today is not the day to do what we each can to celebrate firefighters, social workers etc... It's the day to recognize a great achievement of someone who works hard for their reward, who will inspire and who deserves success... As do so many other people.

Separate your comment from your own bias Mia!

Nobody need pretend they love this or understand... Perhaps do the fashion segment or a feature on cycling footwear instead!!

Then let us know what you're doing in your weekend column to foster recognition of medical experts, peacekeepers and inventors....

Well done Cadel!!

Our call should be to change the world... recreation is a vital part of that, as is drawing hope and energy from others, wherever you can get it... My high school assembly used to celebrate scientists, maths geeks and our fledgling soccer team and it's 0-7 defeats alongside our all conquering rugby league side so maybe I've learnt to agitate for both rather than drag the popular one down thinking I was doing the right thing!!

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