Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winter Camp Day Two Whole Group Gathering

As Curator of Day Two here's the outline of what we did!!

1. Communal Singing
Counter cultural but still an expression of who we are as a community and what we might be called to stand for

2. Worship Words was a brief seven voice intro

ONE: Listen everyone as we are invited to be aware that God is with us
We are asked to take the time to listen, to reflect, to see and hear
TWO: This will be a time of hearing stories and asking how they impact us
This is not a concert, it's not a play or a party, this is us giving God time
THREE: Don't be afraid of silence,
don't be worried about what everyone else is doing
FOUR: God asks us to 'do justice', to 'love God'
and to walk with humility, getting to know God
FIVE: What footsteps will you take from here?
How will this time change your outlook?
SIX: It's OK to wrestle with God,
To not be sure, to wonder what it's all about
SEVEN: Act up and make the world a better place
'May it be so'

3. PRAYER Activity
We were invited to 'something' on a card to communicate with God
and to think and write while we listened to/watched
"Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" Coldplay

4. 50 PEOPLE ONE QUESTION edited clip
"What's one regret you have?"
Brilliant video series
Then Group discussion in 2/3s around what you hope you don't later regret and a hope you have...

5. VEGEMITE ADVERT "Darwin Ice Hockey Club"

Chris and Brad present Bible story/s and unpack the choosing of Saul

Six people: with 'stations including descriptions, photos and props
Anh Do, Jonty Bush, Kylie Sambo, David Pocock, Tjandamarra O'Shane, Jelly Ellie
With simple questions to discuss at the 'station' of your choice....

8. “YOUNG PEOPLE” Input on young people and the theme, acknowledging 'stories in the group, not just on the walls, plus issuing call to 'follow' Jesus and what that might look like as a hope, act up, story...
At some point introducing a clip from “Good Will Hunting”
With title slide, language advisory and then CLIP

9. ‘FOOTPRINTS’ Introduced at end of talk is an opportunity to reflect on and write down questions/next steps on paper footprints and stick them on the wall amongst the prayers
PLAY “Revolutionary Road” JBT while people think and write..

Clips to be uploaded when I have bandwidth!!

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