Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest Creative Idea

OK two happenings have inspired my latest thinking about something I'd enjoy spending time on and would find refreshing. The first was a decision that this might be the time to invest in a new digital camera and the second complicates the choice as I have been so drawn to Louise Hawson's "52 Suburbs".
Originally the camera choice was a 'no brainer' with the Panasonic Lumix TZ20 a standout compact digital and it's 16x optical zoom still makes it an option up against:
Nikon D3100
Panasonic 3/4 camera with interchangeable lenses
To name a few...
Which form a choice for uses from multiple quick family snaps, travel and yet specific projects which might benefit from some pixel and lens grunt. Of course if money were no object I'd buy the TZ20 and one other... All the time knowing any option will be firmly set on 'auto' and hence entry level DSLR is fine as well as affordable.

AND the current idea... Is not quite 52 Suburbs but a search for faith/spirit in the community. it probably meshes with my recent thinking about the question 'where is God?' and whether that photographic search could become an exhibition to raise funds for a worthy cause?
Maybe the upcoming UCA Synod meeting in late September could be a task oriented timeline for the first display as an associated event?

So, there you have it... leisure time spent seeking images from buildings, landscape, activity and people... asking whatever question emerges from my thinking so far... maybe a blog along the way...

What I like about this idea is it's lack of reliance on inspiring others to contribute (I've never been deluged with shoe donations for Meaningful Soles or contributions for We Believe, despite lots of invitations) but this one is me and a camera... hmm!!

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