Saturday, July 02, 2011

Leadership Training at Leigh Memorial UCA

About 20-30 punters will gather tomorrow for a brief leadership training time plus flection and fine food! I'm following up a Junior Lead Training from our Synod Kids Campout earlier in the year.... On this occasion, we'll 'break the ice' through pretending we're all aboard a Space Shuttle flight to the International Space Station when it malfunctions and we're stranded awaiting Russian rescue... In the meantime groups will brainstorm a list of (10) agreed items on a list of things they'd gather from the shuttle and luggage to aid their survival... it's actually about how leadership emerges, who listens, moderates or takes a lead... And the ensuing reflection and discussion...
We will then talk about leaders we can identify and what makes them a leader... Followed by a series of team building and team challenging activities... Hip slap, tarp rescue, trust walk and the like... If there was time we'd view 11 mins of film montage looking for different depictions of leadership in movies and we will round off with a list of ideas for beginning 'leaders' to work on...
- get and give information, watching verbals and non, taking an interest
- seek to understand group needs and character
- look to discover and use the resources of the group
- 'controlling the group' pace set, observe, instruct, counsel, inspect, react
- set the example.... Not perfection, but authenticity, integrity, seeking to earn respect
- represent, be accurate in understanding group needs, beliefs, questions
- plan, seeking better quality decision making and living out your values
- evaluate, the often missed step in learning and growing as a leader and as groups
- share leadership, balance the task and group life through the inevitable and necessary advantage of collaboration
- be a manager of learning, not a manager of teaching... Meaning making is shared and rich....

We'll round off with a reflection on the invitation to be transformed by joining the community of god's people seeking to join God's mission in the world.... Through the 'get in the car' scene from the first 'Transformers' movie and a fractured version of the story of Zachaeus where it ends with Zack not taking up the challenge.... And seeing if anyone notices....

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