Monday, April 28, 2014

Table Tennis

   I was reading an article the other day that became a story on local ABC radio today. It was about SPiN NYC Ping Pong Bar & restaurant. It caught my eye because I had recently seen a 'cheap as chips' table at REBEL sport and wondered if this was something the odd Youth Group here or there could get back into... most had given up their table or were still offering a dodgy collapsible one that's a safety risk and says everything you need to hear about how a faith community values it's young people enough to let that happen or judges the group for their not valuing such assets and causing it to be damaged and run down... I digress!!
   The rich and famous have been known to frequent SPiN and Susan Sarandon's youtube video is a classic... ABC radio contacts the NSW Table Tennis Association President and 'yes' there is an upsurge in the game. A combination of outdoor models, larger Asian student populations in schools and... if I have anything to do with it this will be followed up by a rash of congregations purchasing new equipment or tables and adding it to their regular programs!!

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