Thursday, April 03, 2014

LENT Photo #27 "God is Dead"

   This is one of the best postcards for a Good Friday Worship at a local/regional church that I have ever seen... it captures a moment and definitely isn't something you could send out every year. I used to know the details including the year, the designer and more about the faith community doing the inviting BUT I can't locate that today!!
   You'd follow it up with something similarly eye catching for Sunday etc to make it work but essentially how simple was that to make a contemporary connection with what will be happening on Good Friday at a London Church.
   I recall there were other details on the back of the card and that the memorial planned to be similarly engaging BUT no matter, the graphic still catches my eye and gives me ideas for similar...
   Beyond that it helps give a 'hook' for what we actually attempt to get in touch with that day, in meaningful ways, year by year.

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