Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lent 2014 Collage

   Well, it's been a bit random and reflects the way in which I find no space for me in the 'giving up' thing but instead just try to take space to spend time reflecting on who God is calling me to be and how I can 'be' within that as opposed to just the call to 'do'!! I will post a song a day and my road trip playlist that'll get me up the Hunter Valley and back in coming days!! 
   My sense of this time is I still miss the opportunity to spend the Easter Weekend with a bunch of young people and young adults who are up for exploring all that God is and how Jesus shows us that and calls us to follow as they try to make sense of their lives. I don't enjoy every song but the ones we do at least address the culture and context in which we live, I don't relate to every aspect of a collaborative worship but do enjoy seeing people access stories, music, drama, and questions they have... and watching people use their gifts to take their journey!!
   There's a different challenge in engaging wisdom and leading/curating something for older groups... who are no less engaged in their own faith... 

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