Sunday, April 13, 2014

LENT Photo # 35 'Another World is Possible'

   What is it about when, in the busy and dangerous city of Jerusalem, people from all walks of life take to the streets to greet and lay down palm branches and coats for Jesus who 'rides in' on a colt/donkey/ass... 'Occupy Jerusalem is not out of the reckoning and wondering just how big a deal it was is worth some reading...
   What did people catch a glimpse of and how did they feel compelled to participate in this 'parade' symbolised and re-enacted in ways from creative to lame in churches across the world on 'Plam Sunday' and a natural fot for a public liturgy and march like that which has happened nationally here in Oz and for example 'Declaring Peace on Asylum Seekers' in Sydney!! A week later I wonder what's happened... that and the people whose stories we've been hearing about and will hear about next weekend are rich with learnings for us today

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