Friday, April 11, 2014

LENT Photo #33 'Lent'

   Dave Watson's cartoons have a funny yet sharp edge, from an amusement thrill ride installed in the back of the church, to various ways the Minister is depicted trying to engage the gathered congregation... Does this one fit with my collection of images for Lent I'm blogging daily... well it does in the sense I've just been grabbing things that make sense that day out of my own attempts to stop and give attention to the developing Easter narrative...
   People are funny, I enjoy observing them and squirm uncomfortably when I reflect back over my own interactions on any given day...I know lots of people who enjoy 'The Lent Event' material and some who'd count it an unexpectedly excellent exception to normal UCA fare... but that doesn't mean there aren't some ecclectic collections of people all over the country engaging in earnest conversation and terrible coffee!!
   I just liked it!!

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