Sunday, April 20, 2014

Good Friday 2014

 mp3 7.55am “I Grieve” Peter Gabriel 4min 53 with lyrics onscreen

Call to Worship [can't remember where I stole the original from Christine Sine?]
From the busy-ness of our lives
We have come here on a day that is different.
We live in a part of the world that mostly offers hope and possibilities,
We have come to share a story of betrayal and violence
Young and old we wonder what this story holds for us today…
Come and hear the story, come and share the tragedy,
Come and enter into the drama…

And from Psalm 22 adapted from the late Moira Laidlaw
Our praises for God should be energized by how we connect with our world.
When all people turn to God and worship God,
The poor will eat and be satisfied, we will have justice and peace
Let’s thank God through lives offering love in actions and words
And build a community around God’s story…

Extinguish a candle
Prayer [adapted Christine Sine]
Christ Jesus you hung upon a cross and died for us
so that we might live for you.
Your body was broken and your blood shed
so that we might be healed and made whole.
You were faithful unto death
so that we might be faithful unto life.

Your last command was that we might love one another:
one people together from every tribe and nation,
a new creation united through your sacrifice,
redeemed by your blood,
healed by your love,
united by your covenant of peace.
In your death may we find life.

Communal Song
VIDEO CLIP ‘Holy-Moly Good Friday’ 4min 51
READING Part # 1   John 18: 1-27
STORYBOX I wonder….. I broke most of the 'Godly Play' rules and made up a story with drawings, symbols, leather strings, cross, etc
Communal Song
READING Part #2   John 18: 29-40 19: 1-8

Brief REFLECTION A had two requests for a copy which was a conversation worth engaging in
Communal Song
READING Part #3 John 19: 12-24
READING PART #4 JOHN 19: 25-42
Video Clip ‘Funeral Blues’ 1min 15 BBC
We can’t stay here,
We are a people sent,
Take God’s story with you,
Try to hold onto this disturbing event without jumping ahead
Jesus went to the Cross, stands with us
And invites us to engage with God’s Spirit in our world.
SONG to listen to/reflect and leave “I Grieve” Peter Gabriel edit

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