Monday, April 28, 2014

PHOTO of the WEEK 'Planet Earth'

  Inspired by my LENT photo gathering I have decided to take the line of less resistance and search for an image of the week to share... it could be from news, pop culture, my own camera or phone... it could be video or story!! It might have relevance to my story, life or work...
   Let's start with today's...

   This last week's photo is the rotating planet earth at Newcastle Museum. Last week it was above the LEGO Colosseum... the Museum website gives details of how you can book spaces there for after hours activities. I imagine many corporate launches and parties utilise the illuminated rotating globe for cocktails and finger food!!
   I was thinking what a great space it would be for an alt.worship celebration space for all comers... could be a great space for my idea about such an event on the theme 'STAND.' Ellie too stood there for some time waiting to take just the right photo with Australia in view.
   As an aside the LEGO is great!!

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