Monday, April 07, 2014

LENT Photo #30 'Story'

   I like this image... with stained glass windows being a way to tell 'the story' in the past and to offer perspective, interpretation and translation through the choices made in the depiction... While most modern grafitti doesn't meet the 'art' test for many people it does usually tell you lots... about disempowerment, free expression, pain, bordeom and people not finding belonging in some way shape or form... street art is gaining cred and commissioned works are often an attempt to get in first.
   I like the idea of the young person, who many would judge on sight thanks to the 'hoodie', praying whilst also having added a special touch to the leadlights!! The '3D' caught my eye too... is it a 'tag' or a comment, part of the story? Is the hoodie wearers life so monochrome as to be 'all grey'?

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