Sunday, January 04, 2015

'The Corner' Cafe Camperdown

   Not content with steak and chicken on the menu and new building designs, McDonalds are conducting an interesting experiment in Camperdown that's been in the Christmas/New Year media... I had reason to be in Missenden Rd, Camperdown yesterday [these are not my photos] but I did recognise the facade of the cafe and thought it an interesting location to catch staff, passersby, students and the general public right next to the front entrance to RPA... pulled pork, quinoa, baristas and the only giveaway an actual McCafe presence... what's next 'all you can eat pizza'?
   Wearing my vocational 'cap'... it's not just a change in decor, feel, location or sense of welcome BUT the menu reflects a whole different understanding of [a] what people need and [b] hospitality in meeting and exceeding that need... what learning could be applied to community gathering, activity and worship spaces to reinvent how the church offered it's core idea of 'reconciliation and renewal of the whole of creation'? Note, not a question about 'dressing things up, changing the 'menu' or the decor but a deeper question about addressing the context... the context for McDonalds is all encompassing societal and generational change... appealing to the lowest common denominator is losing market share...

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