Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ABC Radio Double J turns 40 [of as Triple J of course]!!

   Secular, youth oriented and always pushing out in ways that mark their territory and audience as part of our brilliant public broadcaster the ABC!! It's supposed to 'push your buttons' like the way I knew I was too old when Triple J embraced hip hop and R&B as staple playlists. My connection actually began through listening to Roy & HG's 'Festival of the Boot' Sydney/NRL Rugby League Grand Final in their satirical style. Then came the Saturday/Sunday program and I branched into hearing what was popular as youth music over several decades.
   We all live out of a framework and values, we all have choice about what we critique, what we take on and how we think, feel about and see the world through current affairs, music, social issues and Triple J makes all that accessible for often ignored young people...
   The Domain Concert sounds huge for Friday and next Mondays look back will no doubt bring lots of memories for so many people. Triple J has always offered caution around drug culture, violence and current events. Some of the ABCs current affairs journo's come from a Triple J background... What I like about Triple J's role is it's ability to empower and skill 'culture makers' not 'sheep' and to resist the outright rejection or the poor imitation culture that has sometimes characterised generations of Christians. To this end Uniting Church faith communities that aim to create lifelong learning & faith development understand the different voices and influences that can be celebrated, questioned, rejected or embraced... these faith communities teach the 'tools' to create and sustain gifted followers.

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