Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Non Magazine and Newspaper Holiday Reading has Begun

   I've just started reading my Kindle version of "Simply Good News" by NT Wright. It's a timely sketch arguing against a number of reductionist views of 'the gospel' [of which we are all capable at times] in a readable essay exploring a framework that something happened, something is happening and something will happen.
   It places Jesus birth, life, death & resurrection as the Bible tells it in it's context, considering what Paul is saying and why and will no doubt continue to celebrate who Jesus is, God's mission to transform and to renew and reconcile the whole of creation... but hey I've only read about 50 of 700 pages!!
Here's one 'review' or outline here and another here
When I've read a bit more I'll find some reviews that don't agree with NT

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