Thursday, January 08, 2015

"In the Valley" Midnight Oil

   This is not really a song about terrorism or extremist violence, which is no solution to anything. It comes to mind to me for today because while Peter Garrett was being so open and reflective about his own story he closes out the song with a short 'values' or 'ethos' statement... some hopes for the future and it's those lyrics that struck me the day I first heard them and continue to inspire and motivate me to be reflective and clear in my own 'values' and 'ethos' as I go along.

   Today the paperback copy of "Strict Rules" [I recently bought online] arrived in the post. I decided late last year that I'd like to read it again but I no longer have my hardcover edition. It's an authors insight into travelling the month with the band through Australia's north on the trip that inspired the 'Diesel & Dust' album in 1987/88 and it's a great read... it was even a Year 10 essay exam a few years back...

And those closing thoughts...

“I hope virtue brings its own reward
And I hope the pen is mightier than any sword
I hope the kids will take it slow
I hope my country claims its own”


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