Thursday, January 01, 2015

Photos 2015

   A few weeks back I decided I wanted to explore more taking of photos in 2015. The working title is 'Revelation' and I won't commit to a photo a day but when I think I've had or found or see or wonder about an image I get the chance to capture... it could just even be that it's what life was about that day... This is a bit less restrictive than Advent or Lent, though I enjoyed those projects!!
   I enter another final year in a role in my vocation and I think this will help and not hinder my time of reflection and discernment... I am looking at buying a new point and shoot camera to go with the current waterproof and pretty handy one and the iPhone...
   I thought about a Canon but this has a great sense and auto setting... will compare to some SONY models and choose asap!!

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