Monday, January 12, 2015

Asian Cup 'Football' at 'Newcastle' Stadium 12.1.15

   It's a wonder the crowd figure wasn't closer to 25,000 as after all even I went to the 'soccer' tonight thanks to a friendly invitation!! I hadn't really paid attention to who was playing this first of four local fixtures until today... realising the significance of PALESTINE v Japan!! I forgot to take my scarf...
   It was great, although the Palestinians struggled and went down 0-4 [was I really about to write that they'd been outgunned, not for the first time] We enjoyed sitting in a section dominated by Palestinian fans and their collection of drummers and flag wavers... as annoying as the game is it's better live!!
   There was a palpable sense of celebration with a hint of pride and the joy of an open celebration of what it meant to see their national team go around. Remember this is not possible in many other sporting ventures due particularly to passport issues. It was a bit puzzling too to hear of fans with pre purchased merchandise having to dump it in a bin on the way into the ground while friends had a much faster passage through the Security bag check... not sure what was doing there?
   Anyhow, the second half was a little laboured as Japan attacked the far end of the ground and yet 'shut up shop' a little in attack and just worked their blanket defence really well. It was interesting to go along and see the 'event' that is a football match!!

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