Wednesday, August 03, 2011

UCA NSW/ACT Synod Meeting 'On New and Risky Paths' #01

This is my first pre annual meeting post [to see how much trouble I can get into I'm starting a series] and today I'm wondering what some people I know would say about our theme... a creative, interesting and enticing idea which reflects our context... but so rarely our reality!!

What would they offer as our actual theme:
- On old familiar paths worried about our grumbling elders
- Forming a committee to explore a few alternative paths
- Looking for those maps of the path we thought we've been on
- what paths???

Not me, you understand, just some people I know... OK that's enough to get me rolling... more when I read a mailing of papers about what we might be doing... one thing I do know is that local efforts in the Hunter to engage younger members and visitors and the arrangements in general will be spot on and worth a look!!

One disappointing thing for me is that 'knee deep in a restructure' and finishing my role at years end sees me focused on current work, what's next and anything but the creative possibilities of a home town synod... worship, young adults stuff etc... hopefully there's still time to make some meaningful contribution!!

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