Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bozo Macansh plays 500th Game for Wanderers

While on a rugby theme... Andrew 'Bozo' Macansh played his 500th club game for my club Wanderers in the Newcastle and Hunter C Grade today v University at No5 Sportsground!!
One of my favourite team mates and a member of the generation 'just' before me in the club [after my 2 seasons with University] Bozo is an evergreen bloke who enjoys the playing and the social side of the game...
I have enjoyed playing with and coaching teams with Bozo in them!! I couldn't get there today but as I've said elsewhere I wish I was not only there but still playing!!
Two ruptured patella tendons put paid to that in 2003 and I miss that every Saturday in winter still. If two good mates coach C grade next year I will offer to help out and re-engage in 'the game they play in heaven'... though as the old joke goes, I have always been sceptical about that, purely on the strength that if that were the case then there'd be no referees!! 511 is Sammy Lee's club record and that should tumble next year... I'd like to be there...
Read Bozo's story here

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