Thursday, August 04, 2011

Photographic Idea takes a step forward

Having decided to invest in a new camera I've done the whole compact v interchangeable lenses v 3/4 camera exploration and with a hat tip to Justin I have decided to start with a Canon Powershot SX230 HS [a good competitor for the Panasonic Lumix TZ20] and maybe next year if I'm still exploring projects and need lenses and effects I might go the Panasonic G3 for those specific ideas [if I'm employed that is].
For now we are talking 12MP, big zoom wide angle lens and good for low light but it'll still fit in a pocket for family snaps and my NZ trip in October. Best part is they started at $490, were in the US as low as $309 [but not posting to Oz] so the best I could do was $366 in Sydney next week. At JB it was $449 last week, $396 this week and they matched and did it for $360 for me today!! The Panasonic would have cost me $450-500!!
Sure if money were no object I've have bought this and a Canon EOS or probably the G3 and used them for specific tasks with extra zooms but... and it'd be set on auto for some time to come until I had headspace to do some learning!!
Anyhow stay tuned for some snaps and my 'Where is God?' project unfolding on a weekend before years end somewhere near you!! I like the vivid, super vivid and fish eye menu for a small digital it just may do the trick!!

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